#potd – Huanchaco for sunsets, surf and pre-Inca cultures

#Huanchaco, a coastal town some 10km north-west of the large northern Peru city of #Trujillo, was unknown to us until we arrived there for a week, and a pretty decent place it turned out to be. In fact it was famous for several things – it’s sunsets and surf; the ancient fishing craft ‘caballitos de totora‘ on the beach; the second oldest catholic church in Peru built by the Spanish, as ever sitting on high ground and threatening the town & people below (nice views up there, didn’t go in of course); and its links to pre-Inca cultures in the region going back 2000+ years – Chan Chan the one time capital of the Chimu culture is located between Huanchaco and Trujillo.

We’d been a bit nervous coming up here to north Peru because of the devastating rains, flash floods & mudslides that had struck the region in mid-March. Across Peru over 200 died and hundreds of thousands were displaced. The centre of Trujillo was flooded at least six times, a working class district (or shanty town) El Porvenir was almost washed away, and bridges across rivers on roads heading south were destroyed leaving the north coast cut off from Lima and the south – which wasn’t sorted until late April. We certainly didn’t want to be disaster tourists and nor did we want to get in the way! However research indicated things had improved, but just in case we opted to stay initially outside Trujillo in Huanchaco. Which turned out to be fine, whilst in Trujillo the most obvious hangover from the floods in the central area was the dried mud/dust and some remaining sandbags. Continue reading


Tour Day 1: The Salar de Uyuni – salt flats at 3700m?


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Hmmm…sea salt at nearly 4000m above sea level? Yes indeed! The Tour we’d booked ages ago would take us from the town of Uyuni, in south-west Bolivia, to the town of San Pedro de Atacama, in north-east Chile, over the … Continue reading

Sunsets, a train cemetery and history in the town of Uyuni


This gallery contains 21 photos.

The windswept, dusty, dirty, little town of #Uyuni lies on the south-west Bolivian altiplano, to the west of the Cordillera Oriental (small mountain range), on a large flat plain. It’s great for sunsets, and some history, such as the train … Continue reading

Pic of the day 16 – Canoa sunset beach bounce


Here in Canoa there are some cracking sunsets. This pic was taken around 7.15pm on 11th February, about 30 minutes after the sun had set below the horizon, and catches the reflection of the sky on the wet sand as the tide went out. Gorgeous, and definitely one to enjoy with a smoke.

We were thinking…imagine if you were the first human being mentally aware enough to note the disappearance of the sun into the sea? Wouldn’t it be a case of WTF, where’s the sun gone? Will it ever come back? Is this the end of the world, or at least perpetual darkness from here on in? No wonder we still worship the sun.

Probably just as well then that the first such human didn’t also have to deal with the the fact that the ground their feet was on was also spinning at an alarming rate on it’s axis!

Pic of the day no.13 – sunset on Puerto Lopez


Here is the sun setting on Saturday night, about 6.45pm, as viewed from the beach of Puerto Lopez. This was our fifth and last night here, later we gazed at the moon and stars from a lounger at one of the beach bars.

On Sunday we were up at 7am for breakfast, before catching the first of 2 buses that took us up the coast to Canoa. The journey of less than 150km took nearly 6hours, the last 18km took an hour!

We have gone to Canoa based on a tip from a friend. We’ll let you know what it is like…