The Sunday Service – an Evening of Extreme Noise 60-second Songs in Valparaiso, Chile

[Update 18 April – well that gig was a wee bit different to anything else we’ve been to these last 5 months! Gotta say though that main band Borracara where blindingly fast, loud and very tight with it, 16 songs in under 30 minutes. Go see them if you can! The event took place in what was essentially an ‘apartment’ in an old run-down colonial building in the port area – the band played in 1 room whilst the small audience watched through the doorways of 2 adjoining rooms…there was also a small bar selling cans of lager, or lager, and a loo! Great fun and herbal cake available too. We’ve even got our hearing back now].

In a potentially futile attempt to ‘resurrect’ our long gone youth, we’re nipping out to our version of ‘church’ for an evening of extreme noise and 60second songs. The venue, we believe, is somewhere in the dodgier part of the port area in #Valparaiso, #Chile, where the lights are dim and the streets reek of piss & dogshit…so just like the days of our youth! But will they let a couple of old gringos in we wonder? And is there a bar!?

The event (on FB of course) features: Borracara from Argentina (bandcamp and Utube); Manual de Combate from Santiago (see Utube), and 2 local Valpo bands – Epifania & Nosotros La Miseria (aka We the Misery). Sounds like a fun Sunday nighter eh!!!


Todos Los Santos 2016

todoslossantosTodos Los Santos 2016 (All The Saints 2016) was a poster that caught our eye earlier in the week plastered around town, as it was the first sign of irreverance we’d seen in Cusco in relation to both the church & xmas. So we made it a date for Saturday night and rolled along around 10pm, hoping to catch some genuine Peruvian rock (punk, hip hop, experimental etc).

The event it seems is annual. The venue this year was at the Jabberwocky Proyect (crackbook page) in the San Blas neighbourhood. We’d paid it a brief visit earlier in the week, and found it had only just opened. It’s a kind of art/music/culture social space with a cafe, indpendently run (there’s a similar one in Lima), and legal it seems. The couple we spoke to when we passed by wouldn’t be drawn on any political aims, but it’s clearly located in the radical end of things. Continue reading