Huge nativity scene burns at Cusco NYE celebrations

nativityfireA nativity scene the size of a small house burnt in Cusco’s main plaza last night, just minutes into 2017, as celebrations & fireworks exploded all around. Given the volume & size of fireworks exploding in the plaza, the fire was no real surprise. No doubt Peru’s political/catholic establishment will pray this is not a portent of things to come in 2017. See film of fire and film of midnight in the plaza (both utube) and news report (in spanish). Continue reading


Xmas in Cusco started with a BANG!

santurantikay16Well that caught us by surprise! At 5 minutes to midnight on xmas eve, Cusco exploded with a cacophany of noise. Bangers & chinese crackers echoed in the narrow streets whilst larger fireworks exploded high in the sky providing an array of colours. This was no organised city centre state display, but a self-organised custom that happened across all the districts of Cusco, from the valley floor to the mountainsides overlooking the city, and lasted until at least 20 minutes past midnight. This video (on utube) from 2012 gives you a flavour of what it is like. Continue reading