Feast of the goddess of grey hair and wisdom. Sort of!

goddessSo on Sunday 18th December in Cusco, Peru, we celebrated the 48th anniversary Feast of the Goddess of Grey Hair and Wisdom. A female deity so wise that no mortal may gaze upon her face, who is celebrated by only a small dedicated group of devotees.
One is of course ever so slightly taking the piss here, although this writer does remain in awe of this wise grey haired lady!

feast_100yrAs it so happens though, there was a major community celebration in the San Blas neighbourhood of Cusco, where we are staying, that took place in the small Plaza San Blas. The ‘Fiesta de la Adoracion de los Reyes Magos del barrio de San Blas 1916-2016’, like most feasts & festies here does have an overly religious basis. From 3pm for about 90minutes there was indeed an excruciatingly slow theatrical re-enactment of the evenjts prior to the 3 Kings arriving with their gifts for the baby JC (no not Corbyn!). But really the event, which ran from midday to about 9pm, seemed to us to be a welcome excuse for the local community – largely working class & indigenous/mixed – to hang out in the Plaza, cook, eat & drink (surprisingly heavily too!). From what we could see people had a fine old time, with the theatrical re-enactment and some folk dancing a minor distraction – see fotos at bottom of article. Continue reading