Street Art in #Chile no.4 – #Valparaiso just art


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Back to amazing #Valparaiso ‘la ciudad pintada’ or ‘la ciudad de murales’ (the painted city or city of murals) for some more great street art. The previous post on Valparaiso art featured some of Valpo’s agit prop and more social … Continue reading

#MayDay2017 #Santiago El Dia Internacional de Los y Las Trabajadores

#MayDay greetings on #primerodemayo #IWD2017 to one and all from Santiago in Chile, where we’ll be out and about to join one or more of the local events commemorating the struggles of workers worldwide – both before and after the Haymarket events in Chicago back in 1886. Good to see that Anarchists in Santiago (info here) and Valparaiso, the direct descendants of the ideology that so motivated the Haymarket Martyrs, have various activities planned for the day, both on the streets and more socially later. (see history of Haymarket Martyrs and this article on Lucy Parsons).

It seems here in Santiago they take the concept of May Day as a day off work (or public holiday) a bit more seriously than back in the UK, and that most workplaces will be shut (except public transport and a number of clearly identified exceptions we think). Indeed visiting a few areas of Santiago the last couple of days, including the centre, we’ve found the majority of shops & other commercial premises already closed for a long weekender. The actual ‘law’ relating the May Day & not working is given in both some media outlets and by the main official trade union organisation the CUT (Central Unitaria de Trabajadores – see info in spanish). Continue reading

Street Art in #Chile no.3 – #Valparaiso social murals and agitprop


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The historic port city of #Valparaiso on Chile’s central coast is called by some the ‘la ciudad pintada’ or ‘la ciudad de murales’ (painted city or city of murals), and for good reason – never before had we seen such … Continue reading

Street Art in #Chile no.2 – La Serena’s murals and politics

A friendly middle-aged Chilean told us in #LaSerena (Chile – central coastal area), that when the US & UK backed military coup in Chile occurred on 11th September 1973, afterwards the dictatorship of General Pinochet “turned off the art”. All art & political slogans were cleared from walls across the country (and ‘art’ generally was repressed), and so it stayed for many years. Since the end of the dictatorship in 1990, from what we can see Chileans have been making up for lost time! Street art & painting remains technically illegal unless you have the permission of the ‘wall owner’, but given the number of individuals & small groups we’ve seen busy in the streets then it’s a law that’s about as ineffective as, say, the law banning cannabis in the UK. (See pics gallery below).
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Street Art in #Chile no.1 – San Pedro, Vicuna and Pisco Elqui


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Since arriving in #Chile from #Bolivia three weeks ago we’ve been struck by the enormous amount of high quality, detailed, #streetart, and in particular large murals covering entire walls. We’d been impressed by the many fine works of street art … Continue reading

The Sunday Service – an Evening of Extreme Noise 60-second Songs in Valparaiso, Chile

[Update 18 April – well that gig was a wee bit different to anything else we’ve been to these last 5 months! Gotta say though that main band Borracara where blindingly fast, loud and very tight with it, 16 songs in under 30 minutes. Go see them if you can! The event took place in what was essentially an ‘apartment’ in an old run-down colonial building in the port area – the band played in 1 room whilst the small audience watched through the doorways of 2 adjoining rooms…there was also a small bar selling cans of lager, or lager, and a loo! Great fun and herbal cake available too. We’ve even got our hearing back now].

In a potentially futile attempt to ‘resurrect’ our long gone youth, we’re nipping out to our version of ‘church’ for an evening of extreme noise and 60second songs. The venue, we believe, is somewhere in the dodgier part of the port area in #Valparaiso, #Chile, where the lights are dim and the streets reek of piss & dogshit…so just like the days of our youth! But will they let a couple of old gringos in we wonder? And is there a bar!?

The event (on FB of course) features: Borracara from Argentina (bandcamp and Utube); Manual de Combate from Santiago (see Utube), and 2 local Valpo bands – Epifania & Nosotros La Miseria (aka We the Misery). Sounds like a fun Sunday nighter eh!!!

Sunsets, a train cemetery and history in the town of Uyuni


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The windswept, dusty, dirty, little town of #Uyuni lies on the south-west Bolivian altiplano, to the west of the Cordillera Oriental (small mountain range), on a large flat plain. It’s great for sunsets, and some history, such as the train … Continue reading