#potd: The Peruvian Baker’s Big Oven

On a trip south out of Cusco, along the stunning river Watanay valley, our guided tour paused briefly in the small town of Oropesa. Check out the bread we were told. Check out the bloody oven more like, it was the size of a small spaceship!
bakers-ovenThis clay oven, sitting on a base of reclaimed ‘Inca slabs’, held several dozen of the loaves you can see in the picture, and had them ready in some 20minutes. We had a taster of a similar sized loaf of flat white’ish bread, and it was blooming gorgeous, if a tad sweet for us savoury types. No problem though for the locals, as the Peruvians have a definite sweet tooth, and increasingly a waistline to go with it! Which is the direction we are heading in at present, just too much good food here…..
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On the road to Puno

The bus ride from Cuzco to Puno was another stunner: pretty bleak in parts, usually running parallel to the railway lines and almost always within sight of a river. There seems to be a lot of low-level agriculture going on, including sheep, cow and alpaca farming. We noticed a lot of party-political campaign wall-painting and the murals for ‘Coca’ surprised us, as we haven’t seen them anywhere else. Only saw one recent mural in support of Keiko Fujimori’s party…

We stopped twice (not bad for a 7 hour coach journey!), but trying to get through Juliaca to the bus terminal was a nightmare! The photo cannot communicate the sheer chaos of the roads there, many of them unpaved, despite this being a major city between Peru and Bolivia. Juliaca felt like one huge building site…Puno has a similar vibe, but on a much smaller scale.