heart2016/17: Us? Well not a lot has changed since 2014. We’re a bit older, slower and more infirm, not necessarily any wiser! The world, meanwhile, hasn’t improved one iota, indeed it’s worse. So our hope of finding some (sort) of inspiration remains as strong as ever. We’re sticking with the blog title ‘Zerotothirtythree’ for personal reasons, although our range of travel may be wider. We’ll see how it goes…..

2014: Us? A middle-aged English/Canadian couple, from the south west of England.
With parental responsibilities pretty much complete, we have the freedom (and the time & savings) to pack a bag and set off to wander in south America for a few months. We aim to tread lightly, and respectfully, at all times.

This blog? The title ‘Zerotothirtythree’ reflects the degrees of latitude we’ll be travelling within, from 0 (the equator) to -33 (minus thirty three). In terms of longitude we’ll be going south/north in a fairly straight line, give or take 1000km here and there.

'Did you see that lost couple over there?'

‘Did you see that lost gringo couple over there?’

This will not be a standard travel blog, we have nothing to sell nor sponsorship to attract. We wont be taking expensive tours to the Galapagos nor the Amazon. You wont find us in the Hilton or at trendy clubs, in MukDonalds or any other global chain, hanging out with hipsters or celebrity-spotting. We aim to go low-cost, and wherever possible local. We know we are relatively priviliged, and we are painfully aware of the history that has made us so.

We hope to be inspired! After decades of socio-political interaction, we are disappointed by the supremacy of the neo-liberal project and its inevitable authoritarian nature. So we are leaving our comfort zone (for a while at least), and hoping to experience something quite different – the geography & environment, cultures, languages, histories, and humanity. We travel in the spirit of international solidarity, respect & friendship. If we are sussed enough we may even experience some ‘pachakuti’.

We will be on tour of South America in early 2014…bring on the altitude sickness! We’ll be chewing some leaves to help us…which when mixed in with the potential after-effects of malaria pills, and the hallucinatory possibilities of high altitude, could be a potent mix!


7 Tips to Avoid Altitude Sickness


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  1. I hope that you two have an unbelievable adventure. My wife and I traveled the west coast of South America five years ago and we loved it. We are now living in Cuenca for six months with our daughter, we could not stay away from South America. Cuenca is a beautiful city, I would recommend a visit. In Ecuador, we also loved Olon on the coast and Baños. If you would like any more information about Cuenca or what we loved in South America, just let us know and we would be happy to give that to you.

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