Street Art in #Chile no.3 – #Valparaiso social murals and agitprop

mural depicting the spirits of the now extinct Selk’nam culture

The historic port city of #Valparaiso on Chile’s central coast is called by some the ‘la ciudad pintada’ or ‘la ciudad de murales’ (painted city or city of murals), and for good reason – never before had we seen such a concentration of street art. As with the city of La Serena (article/pics) there’s a fair mix of agitprop (posters/slogans), murals with social comment – again often influenced by indigenous groups culture, history & colours, including now extinct groups such as the Selk’nam – and just pure artistic endeavour, but in Valpo the coverage is much greater. (the images below will focus on the agitprop & social comment; pure art in part 2).

The key mass political issue & social struggle here and across Chile at present concerns the struggle to remove the hated, privately run pensions schemes APF (or ‘administradoras de fondos de pensiones’) introduced under the dictatorship of Pinochet in 1980, and only partly reformed since (brief explanations in english and spanish). It is widely acknowledged the APF’s discriminate against the lower paid and those in precarious work, whilst making the private firms running them stinking rich (sounds just like the UK eh!). Opponents are mainly organised in the NO+APF campaign, and have held a series of mass protests (report here on latest on 26 March). Chile’s vaguely left President Bachelet is due to announce her latest reforms (if any?) soonish. See below for some of the other issues covered in the agitprop!
Note – we only covered a few parts of Valpo as its a big port city spread over 40+ hills!


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