Street Art in #Chile no.1 – San Pedro, Vicuna and Pisco Elqui

Since arriving in #Chile from #Bolivia three weeks ago we’ve been struck by the enormous amount of high quality, detailed, #streetart, and in particular large murals covering entire walls. We’d been impressed by the many fine works of street art we’d seen in Bolivia, especially in La Paz & Cochabamba, and not least by it’s social comment, but if anything Chile surpasses that. The images in this post were seen in San Pedro de Atacama, and in Pisco Elqui & Vicuna in the Elqui valley…and there’s plenty more to come!

As with Bolivia, the street art in Chile is also heavily influenced by, or attempts to illustrate & reflect, indigenous culture – note the use of blue a lot, the sacred colour of the Mapuche people; along with the presence of nature (birds & animals, foods, trees & plants, the sea, sky, sun etc); and the use of the female form (especially the face). There is lots of unsightly tagging which we ignore, and also a fair bit of hippy-trippy style murals (many with the 3rd eye!) some of which are visiually stunning. In Vicuna the art paid particular attention to Gabriela Mistral, a feisty, tough & trailblazing local woman from a poor background, a poet, educator & humanist, who went on to become Latin America’s first Nobel prize winner (for Literature, in 1945). Since moving on to La Serena/Coquimbo & Valparaiso we’ve also seen an explosion of political sloganeering & postering – which we’ll post up soon.



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