A Bike Ride Upriver into the Desert and the Devil’s Gorge

It was a lovely hot sunny day with clear blue skies, what better day for a 20km off-road bike ride at some 2500m altitude…especially after not cycling for 6 months. Did we have sore arses the next day, or what!
But it was worth it. Head north out of San Pedro de Atacama along the rio San Pedro valley, crossing the river several times, past our friend El Pukara de Quitor, and on for as long as we felt.

After some 10km it felt like enough, but we’ll just go and have a ride into the Quebrada del Diablo (the devil’s gorge) – so named we now believe because there is no logical exit from it on a bike, so you have to come back the way you went in. And then go back all the way to San Pedro.

Decent bikes thankfully, for only £5 for 6 hours, great views all day, and the ‘artesanal’ ice-cream at the end was gorgeous too!



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