Feminist street art intervention in #Cochabamba

Once again in #Bolivia we´re coming across some excellent street art here in #Cochambamba (murals to follow!), but we´ve noticed here more interventions of a feminist nature. For sure many murals feature indigenous women & culture, but here we´ve seen some more direct artwork on womens´ issues, as well as a focus on a key Bolivian feminist activist & local woman Adela Zumiado ´Soledad´ who died back in 1928. We´ve also seen, probably for the first time – in socially conservative, catholic dominated, patriarchical Peru & Bolivia – some women breastfeeding in public places. There´s the sense here that women have gained a greater degree of equality, and not just in the equality laws passed by Govt. Good to see, but still a long way to go….(images below)…



One thought on “Feminist street art intervention in #Cochabamba

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