Feminist street art intervention in #Cochabamba

Once again in #Bolivia we´re coming across some excellent street art here in #Cochambamba (murals to follow!), but we´ve noticed here more interventions of a feminist nature. For sure many murals feature indigenous women & culture, but here we´ve seen some more direct artwork on womens´ issues, as well as a focus on a key Bolivian feminist activist & local woman Adela Zumiado ´Soledad´ who died back in 1928. We´ve also seen, probably for the first time – in socially conservative, catholic dominated, patriarchical Peru & Bolivia – some women breastfeeding in public places. There´s the sense here that women have gained a greater degree of equality, and not just in the equality laws passed by Govt. Good to see, but still a long way to go….(images below)…



3 thoughts on “Feminist street art intervention in #Cochabamba

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    • Hi there – no there was no ‘name’ with the stencils, but we had the sense it was very much the work of local women. The two ‘Soledad’ artworks both have names on the bottom right corner of the images. We’d recommend a visit to Cochabamba!

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