#IWD2017 solidarity greetings from La Paz, Bolivia

Plenty of events in #La Paz #Bolivia for #IWD2017 and #8MParo and across the country. As this poster shows, many take a slightly more antagonistic approach to IWD than, say, the liberal reformists of the UN, or the party politicians who pay lip service to ‘womens issues’ and ‘womens rights’ – but spend most of the year enacting policies & practices that only serve the interests of patriarchy & capitalism! See brief report here on La Paz midday event; plus here report & video from an action by Mujeres Creando who interrrupted Bolivian TV this morning in protest at a manager accused of sexual harassment.

Across Latin America women are increaingly on the march ‘contra la violencia machista’, saying #NiUnaMenos and not just on 8 March either! (arguably Bolivia’s best left of centre mainstream journal has an article on global events here ). Our fave lefty news outlet in south America also has good coverage on IWD events in Latin America – see TeleSur news website and Dia de la Mujer page.

Back in La Paz radical feminists Mujeres Creando have this event tonite (see poster). As you can see they do not hold back in the criticisms of the President Morales and his ‘left’ government, controled by his movement MAS (Movement towards socialism) – for their machismo, corruption, and typical power-hungry-politicians behaviour. This article in English sets out clearly their position!  
Solidarity greetings to all xxx


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