#potd: A day’s work in La Paz…painting a wall!






It’s been a while….
but we picked up some brushes on Tuesday and got to work (unpaid of course!), re-doing a well known mural in the small town of Jupapina, south of #LaPaz. Doing any sort of painting in Bolivia is rather different to painting back home!

work in progress…

For starters there was the paint – instead of 5 or 6 tins of different colours, there was a big tub of white external emulsion, plus a selection of small tubes containing different colours to tint the white. So first off we got some plastic bottles & cut them in half to mix the colours in, then we found a few sticks in the street to stir with. Then there were the brushes on offer, with one exception they were the sort of cheapo B&Q ones back home, that you’d never buy if you wanted to do a good job. Then there was the ladder to use to reach the top of the wall, there was no ladder, a rickety plastic garden chair sufficed, just. Oh and it was raining, quite hard, so we delayed a couple of hours, until it was only drizzling, and then we got to work….with water based paint under a dark cloudy sky.


It took two of us 5 hours to completely redo the wall mural, in a similar but not exact copy of the colours. The weather improved and we finished in bright sunshine, ideal for drying & hardening the paint (before it rains again – it’s rainy season here!). Locals passed by, said hello, and made some positive comments. Lots of local dogs came by too, on the sniff for food, not sky blue paint. Around 1.30pm the local school finished so plenty of youngsters came to peer enquiringly. All in all job was a good’un, mural looks great again! And the words on the flower? Clockwise from top: ‘Peace, Love, Friendship, Solidarity, Reciprocity, Community‘. Can’t argue with that!


Jupapina high street



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