La Paz street art – murals #2

fox_icideMore street art from the lively, colourful and often hectic streets of La Paz, the de-facto capital of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, and therefore the highest capital city in the world at some 3600m above sea level. It’s international airport, 4-500m higher on the altiplano, up above in it’s sister city of El Alto is also the highest in the world.

One of the big differences we’ve noticed in La Paz, compared to say Cusco or other bigger cities in neighbouring Peru, is the very relaxed attitude to tourists. You feel that local people can take you or leave you, but are not in any way reliant on you, nor are they going to make any attempt to give your ‘tourist presence’ any importance. Which suits us just fine! This is very different to central Cusco, where the tourist industry dominates and it’s virtually impossible to walk a few metres without someone trying to sell you something. One senses the peoples in La Paz are quite confident in their identities, culture and self-respect, and that visitors are welcome but really nothing to get too excited about. Which suits us just fine!



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