La Paz streets art – stencils and graffiti #1

'god saved you'

‘god saved you’

More snapshots here from La Paz, Bolivia, of the vibrant street art scene, this time of some of the stencils & graffiti we have seen (we’ve ignored the tagging) on our wanderings. Most that we’ve seen have been from the central district, the old town around Plaza Morillo, the barrio of San Pedro, and up in El Alto. We hope to see more elsewhere as we walk further.

We’re leaving out for now all the pieces we’ve snapped that were either for or against the attempt by Bolivia’s President Evo Morales and his MAS movement to amend the constitution again last February 2016 so that he can run for President yet again in 2019. We’ll return to that important Bolivian issue shortly as the first anniversary of the referendum approaches, and both sides are gearing up for a variety of street protests and other events!

A few have been translated to get you started…..



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