La Paz street art – murals #1

maskedup_womanWandering the streets of the central districts of La Paz (Bolivia) at some 3600m above sea level, we continue to marvel at the colours, skill & cultural variety of the street art, much (but not all) of it with a social comment. In many ways central La Paz reminds us of some cities in the 1980’s, such as West Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Montreal, Bristol – rundown, on the dirty side, yet bursting with life & art & comment – before globalisation & regeneration/yuppiefication kicked in and they all became contrived corporate replicas of each other.

Here’s a few of the murals we’ve seen so far (click pic to enlarge) & captured on our (t)rusty digital camera. More to follow….


One thought on “La Paz street art – murals #1

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