#potd: The Human Rock of Colca Canyon Peru

colca_humanSo looking through the pics of our Colca Canyon visit, we came across this cool pic of a giant human figure sitting on the mountainside just below the Mirador del Condor in Colca Canyon. The human figure is clearly wearing a hoodie, the right arm is visible, but most worryingly the person appears to have a beard. Is it an ancient Inca hipster?

We’ve searched online without luck for info on this figure, as obviously we can’t be the only ones who’ve seen it – anyone got any info? Is it a natural result of rock erosion, or human-made centuries ago? Does it represent an ancient Andean deity or perhaps someone guarding over the sacred condors? Sent by the ancient deities perhaps to watch over this area of pachamama? Impressive whatever it is!

The pic below shows the figure in greater context, looking out not over just the Colca Canyon, but at the mountains further afield. Both pics were taken from just southeast of the Mirador, looking northwest along the canyon, using our trusty, cheap & battered 4yr old digital camera.

If you’d like to understand more about the importance of the Condor in Andean culture, and gain some insight into the spiritual aspects of this culture, then this book is a good start. At times the dialogue is rather stilted, but its a cracking tale of love and winning against the odds, and a tragic ending…with a twist: ‘When Condors Call – a novel of Peru’ by Inge Bolin (June 2010, 298 pages). ISBN 978-0-9866298-0-8 Chaska Publications, Nanaimo, British Columbia.

For more info about the Colca Canyon and the nearby source of the River Amazon, this blogpost isn’t too bad. But note the ‘trip’ the journalist was on is likely to set you back a good £4-6000.00 when in fact you can do it much cheaper!



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