#potd: menu del dia vegeteriano en Arequipa

menudeldiaOur lucky run of finding more than enough veggie or vegan options continues on from Urubamba & Cusco to Arequipa. Here we’ve found at least 6 places within a 5-20minute walk of our hostel, located just north of the central area. This was Friday’s menu del dia at Omphalos, costing just S/.10 (about £2.50), and they’ve been our fave venue so far.

Menu del dias are typically available from around 12noon-3pm, although some places continue with them until they close. For many Peruvians, particularly those living at altitude where digestion is slower, lunchtime (el almuerzo) is the big meal of the day – and they sure do tuck it away, as our waistlines confirm. The evening meal (la cena) then becomes just more of a snack really, we certainly couldn’t eat a big meal then. We’ve also noticed that, at altitude at least, there are less food places open until late at night.

omphalos_signWe found Omphalos at Casona Bolivar, calle Bolivar 107, in Arequipa’s central district, and they are open daily until about 9pm (closed Sunday’s). As well as the menu del dia they have a wider menu, cakes, drinks (see FB page). In the hunt for veggie & vegan options in Peru we’ve used the website Happy Cow quite a lot (here’s their Arequipa results, which don’t actually include Omphalos!), or you can just do a basic google search for say ‘vegetariano Cusco’ and you are on your way. Note however that small restarauntes/cafes come & go quite easily in Peru, so both listings can include places shutdown, or not include new ones, and definitions of vegan can vary in Peru  – you can help Happy Cow out there. And we’ll carry on eating!


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