#potd: One doesn’t count the seconds, one counts histories

no-cuentanThis image/mural was found on the wall of a small hotel near central Cusco (Peru), which came first – the mural or the hotel – we do not know. A translation of the text could be: ‘One doesn’t count the seconds, one counts histories‘.

The main image is of a Chola, or Cholita, an indigenous woman. Sometimes in Peru this can be used rather in a derogatory fashion, referring to a mestizo or mixed race (ie part indigenous, part spanish) woman, although in Bolivia Cholitas seem to have a much more positive image. Either way...the women represent a history of oppression, be it from the original Spanish invaders who decimated (and raped) the indigenous population, or the continuing machismo nature of south America; but also of defiance, despite all that has happened they are still here. And they remember the history!


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