#potd: Indefinite strike in Peru’s Poder Judicial

poder-judicialIn the four places we’ve been to so far in Peru, we’ve seen the slogan ‘Huelga Nacional Indefinida’ hanging on the bars at the entrances to various of Peru’s courts. On the 22 November in Lima, we saw a street protest on the first day of the strike, that was swamped by riot police when it marched towards Peru’s Congress. Police had also sealed off roads around Lima’s Plaza Mayor in case strikers headed there.

The Poder Judicial del Peru is a part of the government structures, and was first set up in 1825 to manage Peru’s court systems and ensure equality for all before the law (a laughable claim in Peru!). The strikers are employees of the Poder Judicial, and members of the FNTPJP union, the cause of this strike is for better pay & conditions, and because of previous broken promises. It has attractyed significant media interest, especially in Lima.
Info on the Poder Judicial in english & spanish.Background to strike in spanish.
Report on 28 November, largest strikers march to date, in central Lima in spanish.


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