Penguins and Trident in the sun near Pisco


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After a week in Lima, Peru, we shifted down a gear on the 25 November, and travelled south some 300km on the Panamerica Sur highway to the old port town on Pisco. On the Saturday we took a tour of … Continue reading

Into Lima, Peru – with Obama, Putin, Duterte and the gang

So we made it into Lima, Peru in the very very early hours of Saturday 19 November, just a couple hours after Obama, and a wee bit before Putin. The rest of their gang was already here – that’s the Asian Pacific Economic Community/Co-Operation (APEC2016 website), 21 countries bringing freedom, human rights & sustainability via, yes you guessed it, globalisation & free trade.

plan_zoneThis event seems to have been virtually ignored beforehand by west European media, the BBC international website for example only mentioned Lima in days before the event in the context of a huge fire with fatalities at the seafront shopping mall & complex at LarcoMar, in the middle class & touristic area of Miraflores. Continue reading

UpsideDownWorld – growing potatoes at 4500m

upside-down-world-logoWe were delighted to note the other day that the excellent website was back online after recovering from a very malicious hack several months ago. UDW has been ‘Covering Activism and Politics in Latin America’ since 2003, and they’ve now moved their archive to a new site & server. See their About page. Obviously their recent news/analysis is pretty sparse and not all sections of the site are running fully yet, but there’s still a wealth of informative writing to peruse.

To celebrate their return, we thought we’d share this article from January 2015: ‘Climate Change Threatens Quechua and Their Crops in Peru’s Andes‘. This refers to their potato & other crops in the mountains near the town of Pisac, in the Cusco region (which we visited in 2014 – see photos). In this area can be found the ‘Parque de la Papa’ (Potato Park), where indigenous communities “are preserving potatoes and biodiversity, along with their spiritual rites and traditional farming techniques” at altitudes of upto 4500m, with a stunning 1460 varieties of potato! Continue reading

Back on the road…to south America

So after 31 months we are back on our way to south America!

bootsnbagsIt’s been a long wait since our first trip was ended suddenly by a family emergency, with plenty of twists & turns since then. But finally we’re off…in fact we’ve left and are already in north America seeing some friends & family. We’ll be landing in Latin America in a short while, and we can’t wait!

berzas59For now we’ll be watching with interest, and some trepidation, the outcome of the US election on 8 November, the result of which will have significant impact on the rest of the Americas – whoever wins. Will Canada build a wall to keep Trump out? Will Latin America build a wall to keep both Clinton & Trump out? Will TTIP fall? Will the US descend further into barbarity? We’ll ponder these & more questions over the next week, whilst doing a bit of planning ahead and reducing the weight of our rucksacks.

choc_starChile, Bolivia & Peru here we shortly go – from the Pacific coast to the tops of the Andes, but perhaps not the jungle – you certainly won’t find us paying $2-4000 for a guided trip along the Amazon hoping to see an uncontacted tribe! We hope to have the time to explore slowly, with respect, and to offer something in return. Watch this space.