Up the mountain at Pisac

Today, 28 February, we visited Pisac, about 35km east of Cusco, in the Sacred Valley of the Inca.

To get there we took a rickety old bus that cost us 2.5sols each (55p), and took an hour driving through mountain valleys and roads cut into mountain sides. Getting back cost us 4sols each by crazy Collectivo mini-bus – one of us somehow nodded off, and nearly missed the hailstorm! Perhaps the Inca gods are displeased with our analysis of them?

Pisac is yet another location for Inca ruins, where the Incas had positioned themselves high above a valley in a commanding stronghold. Again their position here gave them control over, and sight of, 2 valleys, the river Vilconata (which becomes the More famous Urabamba), and a smaller river that flows down from from the higher Andes mountains above. Also again, this meant huge fertile valley space for agriculture.

Arriving at the town of Pisac, all you can see from the valley floor are some superb examples of mountainside terracing, you cannot see the ruins at allbellis only as you ascend the steep mountainside that well preserved ruins come into sight, indeed every steep twist in the path brings new ruins into view.

We’d been warned this walk/climb was only for reasonably fit and well altitude-açclimatised people – that’s us…. innit! Indeed it was a killer, and we never made it right to the top, for fear of a burst lung, or heart attack. But for our efforts we were rewarded with ruins said to equal Machu Picchu in their quality (including numerous temples), and the views were something else. Great day out, glorious sunshine for the walk too.

These pics show views of the assorted ruins from above & below, as well as views of the valleys below.


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