Random Cusco pics and our first sickie!

Saturday evening/night, and Sunday, in Cusco were hard work! After nearly 5 weeks in south America we hit our first sickie. Naturaly, out of a sense of mutual solidarity, we both got sick at pretty much the same time.

The male half of this aging duo went down first, pretty much as he got off the coach on Saturday, with a bad case of the bad guts. We’ll spare you the finer details. The female half followed on Sunday, but with a nasty cold and headache. The causes are vague and may be many – long sedentary coach journey; air-con on the coach; other peoples germs; over tired and poor diet for a few days; big drop on temperature in Cusco especially in evening; high altitude. And so on, hopefully not serious, improving already….

Anyway this meant we’ve been fairly untogether, so here are just a few random pics of what we save seen in Cusco so far, some we think may be funny, some odd, some historical….






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