Security in Samborondon

We have made a few comments about the class and race divisions in Ecuador, not least in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s most divided city. We mentioned we are staying in Samborondon, a mainly ‘gated’ middle class district quite seperate from the rest of the city.

So here are a few security pics we took the other day when we wandered through the neighbourhood of ‘Entre Rios’ – literally ‘between rivers’, which is what Samborondon is at it is surrounded by water on 3 sides.

First pic shows one of many electric road barriers, present on all roads into Entre Rios. Private security are present at all these barriers, and also patrol inside by motorbike. PIc 2 shows a sign at the barriers, where all domestic workers & tradespeople have to show ID to enter on foot. We of course, being middle-aged gringos, if a little scruffy, are allowed in and out unmolested – an obvious security flaw.

Within Entre Rios, the older houses are built close together, with the front protected by a high wall or metal fence, as seen in pic 3. While as pic 4 shows, newer buildings such as small apartment blocks, have yet another security gate.




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