Pic of the day 21 – Inca Kola

A rather sad aspect of Ecuador we have noticed, is that nearly all the soft/fizzy drinks, and most of the bottled water, are from companies that are ultimately owned by huge corporations like Nestle, Pepsi, and Coca cola. They control the market, and south America is a very big market!

wpid-20140217_185130.jpgSo today when we saw some bottles of ‘Inca Kola’ for sale, one of us remembered reading that this was an independent alternative to the global corporations. So we snapped one up, enticed by the sun-like colouring. Imagine our disappointment when, on closer inspection, we discovered that bloody Coca cola owned this too now.

Still we drank it anyway, tastes a bit like cream soda, and up closer the colour is a bit more like piss. Yeah well that’s Coca cola innit!


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