Change of plan…

So we have now been in Ecuador for almost exactly 4 weeks, and it has been a very interesting and enjoyable visit…although we realise it is nothing like long enough to really get to know the country! We have managed to get a snapshot of some of it’s regions – the glorious Andes, the lowlands to the west of the mountains, and the coastal region; but we have not got to the Amazon (or oriente) here at all.

One thing we have appreciated is the time it takes to get around, unless you fly, which we don’t want to do if we can avoid it! So coaches have been and should be our form of transport, and they do go slowly, although they do allow you to see a fair bit of what you are passing through.

With this understanding, and given we still want to visit Peru, Bolivia and Chile, before our 4 months is up, then we have decided to shorten our time in Peru. So later this week we’ll be setting off to travel approx 2500km over 4 days by coach, and hope to arrive somewhere in, or near to, the Sacred Valley region of the Incas high up in the Peruvian Andes. We expect to be stiff-legged & sore-bottomed by then, but think/hope it’ll be worth it. Adelante!


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