Pic of the day no.12 – Fish market on the beach


Puerto Lopez started to get a lot busier from Friday night as Ecuadoreans from inland areas piled into town. It also got noiser, although to be fair by midnight it was fairly quiet.

This pic was taken about 9am on Saturday morning. It shows local fishing boats bringing in their catch to the daily beach fish market (much bigger on Saturdays), accompanied by hundreds of delighted birds. The caught fish are laid out roughly on the beach for sale, women get busy gutting them, while some go straight onto the cookers & grills of the numerous beach cafes. Buyers include locals snapping up a bargain for their lunch; local cafes and restaurents stocking up; and even freezer lorries back onto the beach for buyers further away.

We walked through the market to see what was available (but took no pics for the sake of our vegan friends) – hammerhead sharks up to 1.5m long, stingrays, tuna, eels, swordfish, sardines, squid, octopus, lobsters, and other fish we don’t know. A bit of a paradise if you like fish and seafood!


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