Pic of the day no. 9 – Mosquito trap


This is what happens when you hang out on a river delta and your anti-mozzie spray doesn’t work…even the 50+ DEET doesn’t deter the little blighters. The mozzies of Guayaquil are small and silent – we never seem to notice when they settle in for a good, long drink but only start to feel the irritation and itchiness well after they are gone.

We’ve learned to stay away from trees and not stand or sit still for too long outside – this means we couldn’t really enjoy the Parque Historique ‘cuz if we stood around marvelling at the crocs or monkeys for too long, we’d get swarmed by mozzies and other insects. The silver lining on this insect cloud is the number and variety of birds around here. They are continually swooping down for a little dose of insect-protein.


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