Pic of the day no. 8 – Sloths

This is how we feel today…wpid-P1000174.jpg

…cuz it’s so flippin’ warm!

We only arrived in the Guayaquil suburb of Samborondon yesterday evening and we’ve already taken three cold showers. In fact, many houses here don’t have hot water because it would just be pointless.

We haven’t had a chance to explore the main part of Guayaquil, south of here and across the river, because we are so wiped out from the heat but we are really hoping to do so tomorrow. Samborondon is not typical of Guayaquil and feels like many big American or Canadian cities: big roads, big cars and loads of shopping malls (which are well air-conditioned, so do offer welcome respite). Also, unlike the places we’ve visited or passed through so far, there is no obvious presence of Indigenous culture.

Perhaps what is freaking us out the most is the security: all homes appear to be contained within heavily guarded gated communities and there is a heavy police presence. It seems that this makes Samborondon much safer than most parts of Guayaquil but it is hard to get used to…


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