Pic of the day no. 5

Street food in Quito-this particular portable grill had been temporarily abandoned by its operator so we took a quick cheeky photo. The combined smell of grilled bananas and corn is gorgeous! We haven’t had the courage/confidence to buy any street food, for fear of falling ill, but it is so tempting. There is such a variety of street food cooked on a range of equipment, including a frequently seen combination of a large white bucket with stainless steel bowl on top (often cooking potatoes)… We’ve yet to figure out what fuel is actually being used…
Quito is filled with street vendors, mostly selling food, but also nail clippers, incense, coca candy, even mops. It seems fair to say that many street vendors (most of whom are women) are working hard to get some much needed cash in a city where economic disparity is pretty blatant. The sound of street vendors calling out prices (usually only one dollar), mixed with car horns and police traffic whistles, will ring in our ears for some time after we leave this amazing city.


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