Pic of the day no.3

IMG_20140125_205137We saw this enormous wall mural at the entrance to a barrio (neighbourhood) outside the centre of Otavalo on 25 January. We took a day trip to Otavalo, an interesting town famous for its markets – animals (bit of a shocker for any animal rights people that one), local food produce, and above all arts and crafts produced by local indigenous communities that are stunningly colourful and beautifully made.

Otavalo is around 2+ hours north of Quito in the northern sierra of the Ecuadorian Andes. We now understand why coach journeys of just a few hundred kilometres in the Andes can take many many hours – plenty of steep climbs on narrow roads ranging from 2500 to 4000m high. The breathtaking views are worth the journey though!

IMG_20140125_204431This mural, and the small pic here, was one of many excellent pieces of street art/graffiti around the town, many of them with a political, social and/or cultural message. (If we can sort out some ongoing techie problems we will put more up!). We would recommend a trip to Otavalo, and make sure you explore beyond the markets as there is so much to see. It was also interesting to note that the population here was less Spanish and much more dominated by local indigenous people and their native culture and history.


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