Feliz Ano Nuevo! Hola 2014!

January 1st…just over three weeks from today and we’ll be landing at one of the world’s highest & most dramatic airports – Quito in Ecuador.

our first hostel awaits...

our first hostel awaits…

So to celebrate we logged on yesterday, and booked in to our first hostel, where we’ll be staying for a good week in Quito. We’ll be taking our time in Quito – to get used to the high altitude, the cultural differences, a change in diet, tune into ‘el lenguaje’, and of course explore the history of this fascinating old city. Then we’ll be off to the south west coast in Guayas to briefly catch up with a family member. Thereafter we’ll be going south.

We are pretty close to being ready to go. We’ve got sorted the flights, insurance, vaccinations & malaria tablets & anti-mosquito creams (and mosquito net), money, rucksacks & day bags, waterproof footwear & clothes, thermals & shorts, guides & maps & dictionary, camera & tech, and a few other useful bits & pieces. So before we go there should even be time to redecorate the bathroom, rebuild the conservatory, and have a serious last drink with friends.

Tom Dunnill RIP

Tom Dunnill RIP

Sadly the end of 2013 has been marred for us by the tragic death of Tom Dunnill, a mighty fine friend and comrade. Tom died soon after his 61st birthday, having endured a short and nasty illness. Tom was seen off by some 150 friends & comrades, who joined his grieving family at the West London crematorium. Flags were flown and fine words spoken about Tom’s life and ideals. The after-party was one Tom would have been proud of! Tom will be sorely missed, and will remain in our thoughts during our trip. Hasta la victoria companero, siempre!


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